Dave Terry

Dave Terry is a former family portrait and commercial photographer who earned a degree and honors from Brooks Institute of Photography, in 1978, so he could work for the National Geographic Society. He then worked as a documentary cameraman with ABC NEWS, WQED National Geographic Channel and Various Political Government Agencies, before falling in love with Windsurfing and Flying, then Kiteboarding and Standup Surfing. In his heart, Terry is a pure surfer and surfs daily on Maui, but when it comes to photography, he began when he was only five years old and not a day goes by he is not involved with his passion, creating images.

With an extensive background in portraiture, documentary and commercial photography, David excels at telling stories and producing images with intense emotional authenticity. Dave loves architecture more than anything else because of it’s difficulty, but seeks out the heart of each subject, the lines, textures, shapes and forms be it a building, home, glassware, art, or humanity. Then, he captures it with light inside a black hole in space, his camera. At 65 years old, he’s got 60 years of capturing hearts and wants to give you the opportunity to experience his art and passion.

Inside this collage, you will find nothing but images. If Dave Terry took your photos, he’ll post them here for your choices on buying something. His print houses are the best in the world. They respect him and work closely with him because he commands high-end work and pay. Dave Terry demands perfection in his photography.